songs & silence

robert minden and carla hallett


A concert for an adventurous audience drawn to wander past the boundaries of predictable music.
The evening unfolds with the sounds of flower pots.
The music is transparent, sparse but allusive.
The instruments are the invented and found sounds of an ever expanding orchestra of the unlikely:
bowed carpenter's saws, multiphonic waterphones, blown bottles, floating bowls, yesterday’s toy piano and the forgotten theremin.

Hallett's songs are originals with simple acoustic settings, her lyrics exploring identity and resonance.
Minden's storytelling, connecting and engaging.

photo: nancy walker

The performance is ideal for intimate spaces, allowing the audience close proximity to the instruments which heightens the pleasure of natural, quirky sound; sounds rich in subtle hues and rough textures...sometimes melodic, sometimes percussive, ... strangely familiar and resonant...An evening to take pleasure in luxurious acoustic sound and musical storytelling.

photo: henri robideau

"Robert and Carla exceeded our expectations, delivering a nuanced, powerful, touching and exciting performance full of wonder and curiosity. For some of the guests at our fundraiser, the concert by itself was worth the price of admission and many expressed sheer delight and amazement. The commitment of these artists to their work and their obvious joy in bringing it to others really connected with our guests."
Rare Finds Gala Fundraiser, 2011 Rare Disease Foundation,


photo: r.minden


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