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Lost Sound,Found Sound



Grade suitability: Primary ( grades K - 3 ),  Intermediate ( grades 4-7 )  &  Middle School
Description: innovative music and storytelling  *  45 minutes - 1 hour performance

"some of the coolest sounds you'll ever see!"
music teacher, Hastings Elementary, Vancouver, Canada

The audience is invited on a journey of musical storytelling filled with possibility and discovery. Minden's search for a mysterious sound sets off a quest that blends the line between art and reality. As the drama unfolds, sounds of the things around us are revealed. Students will experience the wonder of coaxing music from a carpenter's hand saw, the ethereal multiphonic waterphone used to communicate with whales, and the historic theremin, the world's first electric musical instrument as well as the hidden sounds of bottles, bowls & everyday things.

The Minden Duo present a novel introduction to music making, telling stories which introduce an improbable ensemble of invented and found "instruments". This carefully crafted performance combines music with storytelling and theatre evoking the same playfulness that the Minden Ensemble brought to Sesame Street. Designed to engage students and enhance learning, the performance inspires the telling of your own stories and finding your own music.
A Teacher's Study Guide organized into units and activities for use before and after the performance is sent to each school .


"we will be inspired by this "
Marion Laffradi, teacher, Briargreen PS, Nepean

photo: henri robideau

Performers: Robert Minden and Carla Hallett
Maximum Audience:

300 students, in school gymnasium
600 students, in theatre

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photo: nancy walker


"These phenomenal performers should be on the must see list of both children and adults. They are undoubtedly one of the best both from a musical and an educational standpoint that we have had in our school to date."
Judy Sills, Department Head, Music, Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, Edmonton

"The children were spellbound...teachers were heard spouting superlatives. Robert and Carla work together seamlessly in a performance that was perfectly paced and appealed equally to students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. ...the Duo's work contains a highly positive message: Music is joyful and uplifting, everyone can do it, and the sounds are to be found all around us."
Steve Keary, Music Teacher, Ross Road School, North Vancouver

"Fabulous! The performers held the students' attention from start to finish. The children were mesmerized...It was high quality!!!...Great way to integrate the arts and science...Thinking outside the box"  Barbara Wright, Principal, Cambridge Street School, Ottawa

"The perfect combination of storytelling and music which evoke such amazement, astonishment and wonder: experiences that are sorely lacking in today's world." Wendy Hartley, Program Coordinator, MASC Ottawa

"They are phenomenal." Andrew Berger, Director of Education & Outreach, C.W. Post Institute for Arts & Culture, Long Island University

"I have never, in my over thirty years of teaching, ever seen a production of this high a calibre of musical creativity and imagination which brought together, in such an ingenuous and authentic a manner, both literacy and music." Gary Farber, Unionville P.S. Ontario


photo: henri robideau

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